Metaindustry — New Digital Opportunities

Metaindustry — New Digital Opportunities

Dear Bitbon System Users,

The Bitbon System start‑up has already reached the 4th (penultimate) stage of its development, after which the final 5th stage and the transition of the Bitbon System[i] to a full-fledged commercial implementation will be initiated. In this regard, many Bitbon System Users are currently concerned about the Bitbon System practical aspect, namely, about its function after integrating it with the real economy and what benefits will be available for each Bitbon System User. This called for the creation of a thematic presentation on the practical application of the Bitbon System, taking into account global trends in the digital economy.

For a better understanding of the main body of the presentation, a brief overview is provided for information purposes, which explains, in particular, what makes the Bitbon System an ecosystem of services[i]; what products and services, in addition to the Bitbon System, Simcord as its developer offers; what distributed ledger[i] (blockchain[i]) as a technology for the tokenization of assets[i] is as well as other basic conceptual components of the presentation.

After studying the brief overview, the systematized in 5 blocks and publicly available source materials of the presentation will be much easier to understand by anyone interested in the capabilities of the Bitbon System as well as in investing in promising high-yield products.

More information about the preparation and subject matter of the presentation can be found in the post of Alexander Kud, the CEO of Simcord:

Please note that the presentation is not intended for viewing on mobile phones, thus it is advisable to use a PC or tablet.

You can view the web presentation by following the link:

A short video about the presentation can be found here: