Changing the Period and Terms and Conditions of the “120 Hours” Promotion

Changing the Period and Terms and Conditions of the “120 Hours” Promotion

Dear Bitbon System Community,

On July 5, 2023, the Exchange Request for Bitbon (ERBB)[i] service and the “120 Hours” promotion were launched in the Bitbon System[i]. The promotion aimed to ensure the fulfillment of the necessary conditions for promoting the Bitbon System on the world trading platforms through the ERBB service as an essential element in developing the decentralized Bitbon System Social Network[i].

Over the recent months, the developer of the Bitbon System has carried out a large amount of work to prepare for a series of fundamental updates of the Bitbon System infrastructure[i], which, among other things, provide for the technological realization of the principle of sovereign identity[i] and the introduction of personal tools for Users[i] — metaassets: metadocuments, metaresources, and metacontracts.

In the course of that work and planning the launch of new services[i] according to the start-up’s Roadmap, which will operate using metaassets, the First Bitbon System Operator[i] also revised the strategy regarding the conditions for the listing of the ERBB token on global trading platforms. The strategy was clarified in order not only to form a community of ERBB owners but also to launch the main services necessary for the interaction of Users with the real sector of economy.

This strategy will ensure a qualitatively new level of perception of the Bitbon System as an information platform for the tokenization of socioeconomic relations, creating conditions for the next active round of its promotion through the ERBB service.

All of the above has necessitated changing the period and terms and conditions of the “120 Hours” promotion. Thus, from December 15, 2023, the promotion will continue for current participants on the terms of the third round and will last until February 15, 2025. New participants can join the “120 Hours” promotion only up to and including December 14, 2023.

Moreover, the ERBB service remains in operation and continues to perform its stated tasks as part of developing and promoting the Bitbon System, a decentralized social network of economic relations. In addition, this service will soon become available in the One Space mobile application. Users will be able to manage their ERBB units in the Ethereum blockchain[i] network using the application.

The launch of closed beta testing of the new functionalities is expected within the next 2 weeks. All participants of the “ERBB Closed Beta Testing” Telegram channel will be able to take part in it. We invite new users to apply and join testing the functionalities of new applications and services.

You can learn more about all the opportunities of the ERBB service on the Bitbon System official website by following the link:

One Space is a base service of the Bitbon System that provides the infrastructure for ensuring interaction of Bitbon System Users. One Space is the development of SIMCORD LLC (EDRPOU 37657823).
Simcord LLC. Technologies. Ukraine. (Company ID code 37657823). Based on the Bitbon System Public Contract, Simcord acts as t he first Bitbon System Operator.