One Space Mobile App Update: Enhanced Capabilities

One Space Mobile App Update: Enhanced Capabilities

Today, August 17, a comprehensive update of One Space[i] mobile app has been released. In line with the concept of a social network of economic relations, the functionalities of the new version of One Space have been significantly expanded, enabling Users to fully and conveniently manage their tokenized assets[i] within the Bitbon System[i] without having to switch to the web version of the service.

Using the updated version of One Space mobile app, Bitbon System Users[i] get access to the following features:

  • quick account[i] registration;
  • convenient account login using a PIN code or biometric data (Face ID, Touch ID);
  • creation and configuration of an Assetbox[i];
  • transfer management;
  • transfer history tracking;
  • receiving and making payments via QR code using the Bonpay service;
  • participation in providing[i] and receipt of remuneration;
  • following the Bitbon System news;
  • flexible app and account customization.

Further development of One Space mobile app is going to be even more global. Subsequent updates will include new services and tools for tokenized asset creation in order to manage digital access to objects of legal relations and dispose of rights to such objects in new ways. Future versions of One Space app will be aimed at integration with the real economy, allowing everyone to participate in new and progressive social and economic relations based on modern technologies.

You can install One Space mobile app by following these links: Google Play or App Store


One Space is a base service of the Bitbon System that provides the infrastructure for ensuring interaction of Bitbon System Users. One Space is the development of SIMCORD LLC (EDRPOU 37657823).
Simcord LLC. Technologies. Ukraine. (Company ID code 37657823). Based on the Bitbon System Public Contract, Simcord acts as t he first Bitbon System Operator.