Simcord’s Report on the Bitbon System Start‑Up Development

Simcord’s Report on the Bitbon System Start‑Up Development

Bitbon System Users,

Today, an update has been posted on Simcord’s official website regarding the development of the Bitbon System start‑up following a series of similar reports. This report provides a detailed overview of our team’s achievements in 2023 in the form of a presentation as well as further elaborates on our plans for the development and launch of services in 2024.

For the sake of clarity and readability, information on the current stage of the start‑up development (expansion stage) is divided into two blocks: “accomplished” and “in progress”.

An important addition to the presentation of the Bitbon System[i] as a start‑up is the Roadmap of its base service, One Space[i], enabling the interaction of Bitbon System Users[i] as well as the efficient and secure management of meta-assets (metafiles, metaresources, metadocuments, and metacontracts).

Simcord, the developer of the Bitbon System infrastructure[i], continues the launch of its components[i] and services[i] in accordance with the Company’s development plans and the Bitbon System Roadmap.

You can read the article published on Simcord’s official website as well as study the presentation on the Bitbon System development stages by following the link:

One Space is a base service of the Bitbon System that provides the infrastructure for ensuring interaction of Bitbon System Users. One Space is the development of SIMCORD LLC (EDRPOU 37657823).
Simcord LLC. Technologies. Ukraine. (Company ID code 37657823). Based on the Bitbon System Public Contract, Simcord acts as t he first Bitbon System Operator.