Update of the Bitbon System Roadmap

Update of the Bitbon System Roadmap

Dear Bitbon System Users,

Today, the Bitbon System Roadmap has been updated on the official information resource of the Bitbon System.

The need to expand the Roadmap as well as to change its structure is directly related to the development of the Bitbon System[i]: the launch of new services[i] and components[i], the implementation of technological decentralization as well as the improvement of economic and legal support.

Therefore, all the processes of the Bitbon System are divided into three sections in the Roadmap:

  • Base services and components. This section allows monitoring the development of base services and components of the Bitbon System, which is the foundation for its full operation.
  • Economic and legal support. This section specifies the list of legal documents regulating rules and terms of use of the Bitbon System infrastructure[i] as well as certain roles for its Users with a brief description and current status of each document.
  • Technological decentralization. This section represents certain stages of technological updates that provides additional transparency and security for activities of Bitbon System Users.

Thanks to the above structure, we are able to clearly show all development sections of key elements of the Bitbon System infrastructure as well as their completion statuses (each task is assigned the “completed”, “in progress” or “planned” status). This is important as the Roadmap is based on the principles of openness and formation of trustworthy and transparent relations forming the basis of interaction between all participants of the Bitbon System Community.

Moreover, the “About the Bitbon System” page has been updated, where you can simpler and easier find the information about the Bitbon System as a platform for tokenization of social and economic relations between government, business and citizens.

You can read the updated information by following the links:

About the Bitbon System

Bitbon System Roadmap

One Space is a base service of the Bitbon System that provides the infrastructure for ensuring interaction of Bitbon System Users. One Space is the development of SIMCORD LLC (EDRPOU 37657823).
Simcord LLC. Technologies. Ukraine. (Company ID code 37657823). Based on the Bitbon System Public Contract, Simcord acts as t he first Bitbon System Operator.