Voting Results on the Use of Resources of the Bitbon System Capitalization Fund

Voting Results on the Use of Resources of the Bitbon System Capitalization Fund

Dear Bitbon System Participants,

We would like to inform you about the voting results regarding the use of resources of the Bitbon System Capitalization Fund[i]. This voting was initiated by the First Bitbon System Operator[i] on the proposal received from GLOBAL DAM COMPUTER SOFTWARE TRADING CO. LLC (more details in the news), related to the implementation of the marketing strategy, development and promotion of the Bitbon System start-up through the ERBB service[i] in the cryptocommunity.

Active voting participants made a decision binding on the First Bitbon System Operator (97.4% voted “for”). We are confident that this right decision will help achieve the result announced in the received proposal and allow the Bitbon System[i] to strengthen its position and recognition at the international level.

The new partnership opens up many opportunities for us for further growth and development. In the coming months, new marketing strategies are going to be introduced and implemented, the use of which will increase our project’s recognition and attract new users, which will accelerate the development of our platform-based economy model.

We will inform you about the achievements and progress in implementing the marketing strategy of the Bitbon System start-up using the involved units of the ERBB token by publishing relevant information on the official information resources of the Bitbon System[i].

You can learn more about the voting results in the Final Protocol.

We would like to express our gratitude to all Bitbon System Participants[i] for active participation in voting. Due to your support, we look confidently into the future and are ready for new challenges and joint achievements!

One Space is a base service of the Bitbon System that provides the infrastructure for ensuring interaction of Bitbon System Users. One Space is the development of SIMCORD LLC (EDRPOU 37657823).
Simcord LLC. Technologies. Ukraine. (Company ID code 37657823). Based on the Bitbon System Public Contract, Simcord acts as t he first Bitbon System Operator.